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Sainsburys Products

A typical store stocks approximately 30,000 lines of which about 20% are “own brand” goods. These own-brand lines include:

Basics: An economy range of nearly 700 lines, mostly food, but also including other areas such as toiletries and stationery. Basics range uses minimal packaging with simple orange and white drawings. Sainsburys local stores sell any or very few of these lines. Equivalent to the value of Tesco, Asda Smart Price and value of Morrison.

by Sainsburys: All own-brand food products (over 6500 different lines) will be rebranded under the new “by Sainsburys” marks the first time on frozen foods at the end of 2010, re-branding will be completed by January 2013.

Taste the Difference (TTD): approximately 1100 lines of high quality food, including many processed foods such as ready meals and bakery lines premium. TTD lines are similar to Asda’s “Extra Special”, “Finest” Tesco and Morrison “the best”. TTD range was relaunched in September 2010. When the range was relaunched in 2010, it has 1141 lines, with at least 75% of them being “new and improved”.

Different by Design (DBD): a small range of premium non-food lines including flowers that were previously branded “Orlando Hamilton”.

Children: those lines are for children. In 2006, these lines replaced the Blue Parrot Café range.

Be Good To Yourself (BGTY): heat content of products and / or fat reduced. BGTY range was relaunched in January 2010.

Freeform: Launched in February 2010, he has over 75 product lines. These products are assembled in a store aisle (with the exception of lines fresh and frozen). These products are suitable for people allergic to dairy products. (Most of them are dairy and gluten free / wheat free)

SainsburysOrganic (SO Organic): Approximately 500 lines of food / drink that is not derived from food products treated with fertilizers or pesticides.

Fair Trade: More than 100 Fair Trade products. – All bananas sold at Sainsbury’s are now fair trade. The own-brand tea and coffee is being converted to Fairtrade over the next three years.

TU – own range of clothes, which replaced the Jeff Banks designed range, Jeff & Co.

UT Home – a range of home products, such as lighting, rugs, and kitchen products. This range was extended to most non-food shops stocking ranges.


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