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Like everyone, you know obviously the famous supermarket chain Sainsbury’s.

As one of the largest chains, you know its products, its services, its locations but do you know its history?
Do you know for example that this is a family business?
Do you know of its related activities such as banking services?

We will answer all your questions about our website
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Sainsbury Holywood Exchange, the eighth review of the Northern Irish society.

During the 1930s and 1940s, with the company now run by the eldest son of John James Sainsbury, John Benjamin Sainsbury, the company has continued to refine its product and maintain its leading position in terms of store design , convenience and cleanliness. The company acquired the depth of the Midlands based chain good in 1936.

Alan Sainsbury’s, breakfast founder’s son (later Lord Sainsbury’s of Drury Lane) became co-CEO of Sainsbury and his brother Sir Robert Sainsbury in 1938 after their father, John Benjamin Sainsbury, had a minor heart attack .

Sainsbury’s, a pioneer in self-service supermarkets

In 1956, Alan Sainsbury’s became Chairman after his father, John Benjamin Sainsbury’s death. During the 1950s and 1960s Sainsburys pioneering self-service supermarkets in the United Kingdom. During a trip to the United States of America, Alan Sainsbury realized the benefits of self-service stores, and believed the future of Sainsbury’s was self-service supermarket of 10,000 square meters (930 m2), with bonuses optionally added parking for your convenience. The first self-service branch opened in Croydon in 1950.

Sainsburys has been a pioneer in the development of own-brand products, the aim was to offer products that meet the quality of national brands, but at a lower price. It expanded more cautiously than Tesco, fleeing acquisitions, and he never offered stamps premiums.

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